About us

All employees have a personal responsibility for health and work environment in their daily work. Every employee must have the education and knowledge so that the risk of injury at work is minimized

Polmax is certified for ISO 900 och ISO 14001

Polmax Polmax Resources AB's management system is quality-certified according to ISO 9001 and environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. We can state that we are well-equipped for the future, while at the same time we can certify our concept.

More than 10 years of


In its operations, Polmax Resources AB has emphasized competence development and trained personnel, as well as quality development. We want to be close to our customers where we can assist with complete solutions, as well as single, minor assignments, from everything from property management, cleanroom cleaning, data hall cleaning, to smaller contracting & cleaning jobs.

Satisfied customers

Critical success factors for getting our customers satisfied are quality, good support, proximity, environment, service and increased and continued education to always keep the staff updated for any news and changes in the industry.

Our staff is service oriented and responsive to the customer's opinions. They also provide a positive and professional approach. We maintain continuous contact with our customers, in order to always satisfy their wishes and requirements.