Construction cleaning

When the contractor has broomed down the floor and the last builder has left carrying the last bits of plastic, cable, concrete, glass and wood with him, there is still a lot to be done before a renovated room or new building is safe, pleasant and clean to live or work in.

New constructions and renovations are notoriously messy affairs.

One of the most persistent issues on a construction site is the dust. Not only is it unpleasant, it may also be harmful to people and animals causing irritation, allergies and respiratory problems. There are three main types of construction dust:
- Silica dust from materials such as concrete, mortar and sandstone
- Wood dust from softwood, hardwood and wood base products like plywood
- Lower toxicity dusts from common materials including plasterboard, limestone and marble

All kinds of particles are released into the air during renovations, including various toxins, mold spores, silicates, and ultrafine dust that can damage your lungs.

Another issue are the chemicals that are often used to clean carpets, hardwoods or tile flooring after the completion of the project. Freshly applied paints, lacquers, and primers also give off fumes. They too can cause respiratory issues and affect the air quality of your building.

Lastly, contractors are likely to have left paint streaks, drops of cement or stains that need to be cleaned.

Professional post construction cleaning services ensure that new buildings and renovated rooms are clean of construction debris, chemicals and most importantly, dust. Simply put, construction cleaning is a deep clean.

Usually, a post-construction clean up will include the following:
- Cleaning and wiping down all walls and removing dust throughout the premises
- Removing paint spots off floors, walls, window frames, light switches, etc
- Cleaning of carpet and upholstery if necessary
- Sweeping, mopping and disinfecting all floors
- Wiping down and sanitization of bathrooms and kitchens
- Cleaning all window interiors and exteriors including window sills and window frames
- Dusting of all vents, blinds, fans, lamps and doors
- Cleaning inside and outside of shelves, cabinets and cupboards
- Removing any remaining rubbish and debris

Tip : include a post-construction clean in your renovation budget right from the start. It’s worth it!

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