At Polymax Resources we continuously strive to use only modern and environmentally friendly cleaning methods, machines, tools and chemicals in our work.

Every employee at our company is committed to reducing their environmental impact. We do this by:

  • keeping abreast of new methods and routines
  • keeping skills up to date
  • proactively working towards prevention of contaminants
  • using environmentally friendly products
  • being knowledgeable in legal environmental requirements
Our cleaning services are delivered by professional and supervised staff using world class cleaning equipment and kind sanitation chemicals.
Electric paint spraying equipment.

Construction cleaning

New constructions and renovations require cleaning of dust, chemicals and construction material. Quite different from cleaning an office. Read more...

Network servers in datacenter

Data centre cleaning

Data centres are sensitive controlled environments that need specialised and regular cleaning to keep IT infrastructure reliable and reduce downtime. Read more...


Dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting is non abrasive, nonflammable, and non-toxic. This cleaning method is environmentally friendly and does not create secondary waste. Read more...

Side view of the huge gray industrial air handling unit in the ventilation plant room

Air duct cleaning

Ducts are used to deliver and remove air and must be regularly cleaned to ensure acceptable indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort. Read more...

Cleaning solar panels

Solar panel cleaning

Regular cleaning of solar panels means more light is absorbed through them, thereby increasing power generation. Read more...