Data centre cleaning

The technical environment of any business typically holds the company’s (or several companies’, in the case of a large data centre) data infrastructure. Keeping data storage servers, communication channels and hardware in good health is vital to keeping the business environment running.

Dust and chemical odours are warning signals that equipment in the data centre is at risk of being corroded and damaged. Dust and particles interfere with electronic equipment and cause overheating that may lead to serious downtimes as well as data and media losses. The damage can also cause loss of hardware and added replacement cost.

The best way to prevent this is through regularly scheduled cleaning of the data centre.

Data centre cleaning is a specialist service that requires trained staff, appropriate cleaning equipment and suitable cleaning products. A good data centre cleaning service will also have procedures and techniques in place to do the job carefully and efficiently.

A data centre clean can include the following:
- Network cabinet cleaning including servers, computers, racks, shelves, connectors, rails and and support panels.
- Cleaning of hardware equipment interior and exterior
- Cleaning of flooring, walls and ceiling
- Cleaning of air-conditioning and cooling systems
- Cleaning before and after data centre construction
- Emergency cleaning of data centre

Regular cleaning improves reliability of the IT equipment by preventing build up inside servers that cause overheating. We have extensive experience in cleaning both larger and smaller data centres. Our staff is trained and equipped to carry out effective cleaning at most locations.

Tip : schedule regular cleaning of your data centre to ensure your IT infrastructure is in full working order always.

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